måndag 11 juli 2011

Thank you Japan

Matsudaya Monday.
Because of the love for this country and its amazing culture, our family decided to spend a night at the Matsudaya Hotel in Yamaguchi. A unique way to say Sayonara and Arigatou gosaimasu to our passion for everything that Japan stands for;


Japanese garden

Stone lanterns, fishes and ponds



Tea ceremony


Yukata and kimono

Onsen (both outdoor foot onsen and three onsens inside the ryokan) indoor Yukatas and last but not least the FOOD.


food (our Dinner)

A ryokan that provides you with a private guide to the true aesthetics of Japan.

torsdag 30 juni 2011


Tourist Thursday.

Today our family is officially TOURISTS in Japan after years of being Expatriots.

The Finns left Osaka (to be back July 12th) before take off from KIX to Helsinki on July 15th.

First destination: Okinawa, Naha.
Unusual to see the Japanese people dressed in Hawaiian t-shirts and shorts instead of formal black suits.

The fish are more colourful....

But the dogs look and behave the same

The mini sized restaurants are familiar...

But tonight it was premiere to eat dinner in a tree house...

with a view of the old harbor...

The organic food was oishiikatta desu!

No matter which direction we take, the sun follows....

This morning we woke up in front of the Tower of the Sun in Banpaku-kinen-koen and tonight we go to bed on Sunshine dori...

at the new hotel Loisir Spa

For the coming days our family has one mission:
don´t rush!